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Clicker Training

Introduction to Clicker Training Workshop


The Introduction to Clicker Training Workshop is always popular and can be a great aid and fun addition to your dogs training. The two hour session follows the following format.



A brief Introduction to Canine Learning Theory

How and Why Does the Clicker Work?

How Can the Clicker be Used

Demonstration of Guinness (my BC) showing off his 'freestyle'

Practical - Understand Your Dogs Perception and your role in Sending the Right Message

Practical – Bring in the Dogs!


My aim in this workshop is to give you a good, clear understanding of clicker training by introducing you to the theory behind the concept, then showing you how to make it work with your dog training.


When used correctly, the clicker is my favorite training tool.  


Because the clicker so clearly marks the desired behaviours, it is also very useful when modifying a dogs unwanted behaviour.