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AaadddAnd Behaviour Modification

Dog Training & Canine Behaviour Services



Obedience Training


In these classes dogs are taught useful exercises such as loose lead walking, the stay, leave it, polite behaviour around people and  dogs, to recall away from distraction, recall to heel and much,much,more.


As you progress the exercises are increased in difficulty by increasing duration and distractions and distance to proof their skills and make them really useful in daily life.


For dogs (and owners!) to learn efficiently both benefit from being relaxed so classes are small and informal incorporating games and tricks to make learning fun.


The use of 'Rally' type sequences add to the variety of exercises used in these classes.  This involves completing a course using 'rally' type stations where you are directed to perform a particular exersise with your dog before moving on to the next obstacle or station.


Wag n Bone runs both one-to-one training and group classes in the Tenterden area of Kent.


Contact Mel Dave training Pippa Lucy & Branston 8th sept 13 012 stay-close do other dogs DSCF5075 DSCF2764 DSCF2725

12.30 Sunday mornings

Outdoor classes coming soon - please call for details

01797 270769 and leave your name and number and i'll get right back.