From as early as possible puppies need to be making happy associations with everything in their environment.  They need to learn to enjoy being handled to help make those inevitable vists to the vets and groomers a stress free occasion.  Bite inhibition can be taught from an early age through your instructive play.  Teaching puppies, from an early age, to come away happily from play & other interesting stuff, rewarded & then being allowed to go back to what they were doing can build great foundations for an obedient adult dog. Puppies are not allowed to rough play but are taught how to behave and play nicely with other puppies.  (Off lead socialisation is not always possible as it is dependent on puppies personalities, age & size etc )  The importance of positive association is always taken into account whilst also acknowledging the need for the pups have a safe opportunity to feel a little 'stress' at times therefore enabling them to habituate and or build coping strategies for the events that will happen in every-day life.

A kind and rewarding introduction to basic obedience as early as possible will start them on the road to being a happy and obedient family pet.

In our 'Puppy Socialisation Classes' we  introduce and teach....

* Human Socialisation.

* Bite inhibition

* A positive introduction to novel environments.

* Basic obedience - Sit, Down, Stand, coming  

  when called, leave, off etc.

* Appropriate interraction with other dogs/puppies.

* Undesirable Jumping up, mouthing,

help with the 'Witching Hour!'                          

* Weekly Handouts for help with common puppy           'problems' and training.

* You are encouraged to bring along family and       friends especially children so that the puppies get used to being around as many different people as possible.  We also use a 'scary sounds' cd, playing quietly in the background to habituate the puppies to sounds they could become sensitive to as an adult.



Puppy Early Learning & Socialisation Classes



Puppy Class is

for puppies of up to 20 weeks of age when they start

Guinness at 7 weeks

Puppy Classes - Sundays at Wittersham Village Hall

Next 6 Week Course Begins

Sunday 24th Oct' 19 at 10am-11

(bookings being taken now £80 for six week course)

- call 01797 270769 now!


Don't worry if you've missed out or want to make an early start..... puppy home visits are another option to get your pup off on the right paw!

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