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Registering for competition

1.    Your dog needs to be registered with the Kennel Club.  If you have your dogs Pedigree KC registration number, this is the one to use.  If your dog is not registered pedigree then you need to register him/her as a working dog on the activities register at The Kennel Club.  Go to the following address for the applicatioin form.



2.    Purchase an Agiliy Record Book from the Kennel Club.



3.   Next your dog needs to be measured to see which height catagory he will compete in.  Large dogs need only be measured once but others twice.  The Kennel Club does have a list of shows that measurers will be attending on their website.


Fill out your Agility Record Book in the relevent places, if your dog is microchipped you dont have to put a photo in the book, it is wise to do so though as very occasionally the measurers cant find the chip and you wont be able to get the dog measured without one or the other.


Thats it - just need to enter your shows!!  Good Luck !


Go to Agility Nets Show Schedules page and scroll down to September 17th for the schedules and entry forms for the Stour Valley Show held at Bethersden, Kent.