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I have been training with Mel now for a few years, doing mainly agility but also done a wonderful and well informative Clicker training course. Mel is a wonderful instructor and very knowledgeable dog trainer (some times I wonder if there is anything she doesn't know!) she has taught me a lot and has been a big influence to me, her classes are brilliant and the participants are very friendly, we have a good laugh but also learn a lot. My dog has come on Leaps and bounds (literally) since we have started training with Wag and Bone and i look forward to more training days in the future.


Jen, Tenterden


With an energetic Spaniel, I was keen to put all that energy to good use and agility seemed the perfect way. It was lovely to see Lenni enjoying herself and as she got better she became even more enthusiastic and focused. The perfect class to get both owner and dog working together to achieve great results. It is amazing how much your pets respond to what you do (good and bad!) and by making some small changes it can make all the difference to your relationship. When we got another puppy, Mel was first on the list of people to phone for some initial socialisation and general obedience training. Thanks for all your help.


Amy, Lenni & Dotty (Tenterden)


I am very happy that I found Mel's obedience classes. The way the dogs are being taught is completely in accordance with my line of thinking about training: it is reward based and (very key!) learning to understand a dog's behaviour. I've tried out different types of obedience classes and I definitely find Mel's Wag'n Bone the right approach for me and my dog. Her approach is very customised to individual dogs and owners. My dog Barney is young and very energetic and I have noticed that her way of training has had a calming effect on him (and me!). Well done, Mel !


Elly, Bethersden


'Thanks Mel, another great class.  I found it really informative and the game really showed me how hard it is for the dogs to understand what we're asking of them.  The class was great fun too.  I have been converted to clicker training.'

Amanda, Biddenden


Monk is 3 years old and I have wanted to take him to a class since he was a puppy, I am now just sorry that I never met Mel and attended her class since he was a puppy but really am glad we are finally doing it and Monk is loving it, Just wish we could do a class every day!!! :-)


Thank you Mel, I think what you do is awesome :-)


Juanita and Monk

Juanita and Monk 3