Trick Training Classes



Trick Training Classes


If you’ve been watching the amazing Nando Brown and Jo-Rosie Haffenden training animals in #Teach My Pet To Do That on ITV the past few Friday nights, then wondered if you could teach your dog to do that too, then wonder no more – NOW YOU CAN!

Having attended the programs ‘Instructors Workshop’, WagnBone are now excited and ready to pass those skills on to you and your canine buddy.

So if you would you like to;


•See your dog learn to engage and bond with you?


•Find out a bit about learning theory, how to mark and reward effectively, ensuring Your dog can understand and respond accurately to your cue/command?


•Above all have fun training your dog?


If so you can sign up for WagnBone Dog Trainings new Trick Training Course

‘Teach My Dog To Do That’!


Over the course of six weeks we will teach the dogs to


Put away their toys


Open a cupboard door


Close a cupboard door


Ring a bell


Wipe their paws on a mat


Turn on/off a light switch with their nose




Beg/Sit Pretty


The six week course is structured with comprehensive weekly handouts for you to practice at home and those completing the six weeks will receive a certificate of attendance.


Where:  Wittersham Village Hall, The Street TN30 7EA


Cost: £70



All the necessary props will be provided for use during the class but you may wish to purchase certain items in order to practice at home.  



Please call Mel on 01797 270769 or 07500131566 or mel@wagnbone.co.uk

for registration form.

Teach My Dog to do That!  


Teach My Dog to do That!.....

2 - 3pm Saturday 2nd February 2019